Lauren Conrad’s Red Carpet Style Evolution [PHOTOS]

I had way too much fun going through Lauren Conrad’s red carpet looks since she appeared on MTV’s Laguna Beach.  True life: I hated the reality show within the first five minutes, then got hooked through a Lagunz marathon two weeks later.  My senior year of college was spent copying LC’s looks via Target while some teen four years my junior wore the real thing.

PHOTOS: Lauren Conrad Rocks Leather Leggings

Fast forward six years later and I still think of Conrad as a style icon, sticking with looks that work (plum lips, super strapped sandals, hair pinned up in a low bun).  Some might even say she’s got a bit of Kate Middleton in her, though Conrad’s looks are far more daring than those of the Duchess (with all due respect to Her Royal Highness).

Take a spin through our gallery to check out 40 of Conrad’s red carpet looks throughout the years.