Lauren Conrad Talks About Why Her Reality Show Didn’t Happen

Lauren Conrad looks fantastic on the July cover of Lucky Magazine, and sported many a classic look inside the magazine (LC, that waistline is diminishing!).  Us Magazine grabbed some insightful quotes from Conrad, who is riding high on a burgeoning fashion career.  On-camera fame was never Conrad’s goal, at least not in show business.  She told Lucky, “I never wanted to end up in entertainment; that wasn’t the goal.  I was doing the show to end up in fashion. But I’m totally aware that without The Hills, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

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Yet, it’s pretty nice to not have the cameras following you around all the time.  Plus, it bodes well for her business: “It’s easier to launch the line without MTV.

“A lot of people in fashion don’t want to be linked with anything that has to do with reality TV,” Conrad explained. “Showrooms were turning us down.”

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Conrad’s also aware of what drives fans to tune into reality television, since her own didn’t get picked up.  It’s a cutthroat, booze-infested jungle out there, and Conrad doesn’t think she’s up for going against the likes of a drunk-ass Snooki.  “It’s difficult to compete with all the Jersey Shore-type shows out there,” said Conrad.  “Besides, there weren’t any scenes of me getting drunk or fighting, so what’s the point?”  Amen sister.  You keep the your head held high and that nose to the grindstone.  How else does one pull off that adorable look Conrad wore to Us Magazine’s Hot Hollywood party in April?  LC wore designs by her own brand, Paper Crown.  She topped off the look with Louboutins and a quilted Chanel bag.