Lauren Conrad Looks Seductive Posing For ‘Allure’, Says Beds Are For “Sleep And Sex”

Out of all the lovely celebrity ladies who pose on magazines, I would have to say I’m most delighted whenever I see a new spread starring Lauren Conrad.

Even when a new Kohl’s Collection unveils I feel extremely excited!

While posing and chatting with Allure, the super successful and smart business donned some fabulous fashion. One piece belonged to her Paper Crown collection, and another belonged to her Kohl’s Collection.

What she had to say was somehow more lovely than what she wore.

Not only does Ms. Conrad have two fashion lines, but she also oversees three other businesses. How impressive for someone who is only 28 years old! Her newest business, The Little Market, is just as impressive as her others. Artisan pieces are sold there, making it way too easy to get lost whilst browsing!

Surrounded by business, it must overflow into her personal life, right? To some extent, definitely. A bad habit of hers, which she’s trying to break, is working in bed. She said, “your bed is for sleep and sex.” A valuable tip everyone can appreciate.

Sharing a bed (and house) with fiancé William Tell has caused to have to compromise slightly. If she had it her way, she said her house would be filled with “over-the-top girlie and vintage.”

For more about Conrad’s April 2014 shoot, you can watch the video below and check out Allure!

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