Lauren Conrad Comes Under Fire For Her ‘Elderly’ Style [PHOTOS]

Lauren Conrad In Malibu
'The Hills' star splashed in the ocean with friends.
I take issue with The Daily Beast’s gallery featuring Lauren Conrad in a series of looks they believe are “elderly.”

“26 Going On 96,” the title reads.  Come on!  I resent such a statement.

She may be in her mid-20s, but judging by her outfits, reality TV star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad is way into AARP territory. See photos of her essentials—the shapeless dresses, ruffles, high collars, doughnut bun, and more.

I’ll be the first to call anyone out on looking dumpy, but I strongly disagree with every point TDB is trying to make. 

Shapeless dress?  False.  Try well-cut and figure-flattering.

Ruffles?  What’s wrong with ruffles?

High-collars?  Would you rather the ta tas spill out?

I love doughnut buns.  They’re glamorous.