Lauren Conrad Almost Stumbles…And Recovers! [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Listen, boys.  Walking in pumps isn’t easy, even if there is a platform to ease the pain.  Lauren Conrad made a beautiful recovery today (April 2nd) in New York City when she tripped on the pavement in her (I believe) LC Lauren Conrad heels outside the Wendy Williams show studios.

The former reality star is promoting her newest book, The Fame Hunt, but we’re more taken with her locks.  This one might have a mane to rival the Duchess of Cambridge!

Williams brought up the possibility of Conrad’s former show, The Hills, becoming a movie.  “I don’t know that anyone would watch it at this point, to be honest,” Conrad said with a laugh.  “At the very least it [The Hills] can go to Lifetime,” Williams joked.  

Yeah…I’d watch if Lifetime aired it.  Right after I finish Mother May I Sleep With Danger On A Boat But He Might Be My Stepfather.

Conrad’s personal life is free from a gentleman caller at the moment.  ‘My mom will call me and be like,’Who is this person, and why are you making out at the Roosevelt?” Conrad said about every male she’s photographed with.

“Most of the people I get linked with are actually friends of mine,” Conrad explained, which works out perfectly for her.  That way, the real dude she’s seeing doesn’t get any press.  

Check out Conrad’s interview after the jump.