Laura Linney Stays Away From L.A. And Its ‘Viruses’

Laura Linney, star of the new Showtime dramedy The Big C, said part of the reason she’s able to keep grounded in Hollywood is, well, staying the eff out of Hollywood. The indie-film and theater vet’s new show, in fact, is filmed in New York!

“I think there are two viruses in L.A.,” Linney said, pictured at an East Hampton, NY screening of the show on Saturday. “There’s the
what-I-have-is-not-enough-virus – deadly. And the
what-do-they-think-of-me? virus, which can drive you insane. And
everyone is going to feel that. Everyone is going to be affected by it
at one point. No one is immune to it.”

“But they can
cause you to make foolish decisions. And so it’s about being centered
enough to really realize what do you want? Do you really want to be
famous? If that’s what you want, great, go for it. Do I really want
that? Or is it about the other stuff?”

Wise words from a wise lady. Wish there were more actresses out there like her. It’s about the acting people! On the show, she’ll be taking on the tough role of a teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer, starring alongside Gabourey Sidibe who plays one of her students. It premieres Aug. 16!