‘Downton Abbey’ Does A Super Job Of Fuggifying Laura Carmichael [PHOTOS]

'Downton Abbey'
The cast celebrates at the National Television Awards.
Dear me.  The makeup artists on Downton Abbey really do a number on Laura Carmichael, do they not?

The last few episodes have been tough to watch for Team Edith members.  Sir Antony Old Fart left Edith at the alter (encouraged by the Dowager Countess, no less) after she told her sisters how exciting it was that they were all married.

These pictures of Carmichael at ‘IF – Enough Food For Everyone’ Twitter charity campaign launch in London tonight (January 22nd), prove that our Edith isn’t nearly as tragic in real life.  Shiny hair, proper-size nose and skin like an English rose.  No sign of the frizzy-haired middle sister anyone. 

This makes me feel a little better after seeing the poor thing bawl her eyes out while  Married Mary and a knocked-up Sybil watched with pity.

You’re being tested, Edith.  Stay strong, sister.