Latest Idol News: Jennifer Hudson Signs On As New Judge & Couple Stabs Each Other Over Season 12 Results

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Just when you thought American Idol was going to be canceled, the FOX show brings on a slew of new judges.

Cue Idol alum and Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson. J Hud has reportedly signed on to be a judge for season 13 with talks of being joined by other former Idols such as Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, or Clay Aiken.

Being a huge AI fan myself, I think bringing in past contestants will (hopefully) rebuild ratings and strengthen the shows dwindling fan base.

Season 12 took a plunge in ratings, making it the lowest rated season in Idol history.

And in some bizarre Idol news… 

Pennsylvania couple, Karen Elaine Harrelson and Gregory Stambaugh face charges after police say they stabbed each other over which contestant they thought should wear the season 12 crown.

Yeah, you read that right. Who knew a being Idol fan could be so dangerous?

After a day of heavy drinking, the police found the couple waiting on the front porch with blood all over their clothing, claiming that they were in disagreement of who stabbed who first.

The two star-crossed lovers are currently being detained in county prison on assault charges.

Stambaugh’s bail was set at $70,000, while Harrelson’s was set at $30,000. Seems like a high price to pay to make a point, huh?

Too bad they couldn’t just hug it out like Candice and Kree.