Late Afternoon Snack: An Usher Orgy and More

Usher Does It Six-Ways
It was an equal opportunity – three women and three men. Mmm. [Page Six]
Corey Feldman Claims Jacko Showed Him Nude Pics
Feldman’s manager is quoted as saying, “He’s been very busy. He had nothing to gain by coming forward and saying anything,” his manager said. – Uh, huh. [AP]
The OC Lesbian Kiss
The tide-turning reference brought me to tears. [TVgasm]
Cameron Diaz Has Another Paparazzi Encounter
Stupid woman. When will she learn to embrace the paparazzi.
Tom Sizemore Jailed Again
He failed yet another drug test. Judge Antonio Sabato Barreto Jr. informed Sizemore that his “drug use is out of control” and ordered him jailed. [E Online]
Cosby Accuser Speaks
Bill Cosby molested her 30 years ago described yesterday how the entertainer drugged her, undressed and groped her, then left two $100 bills on her table after she fought him off. – Maybe it’s just me, but why wait 30 years? [Newsday]
Russell Crowe, Still An Ass
It seems there was an irreconcilable breakdown between Crowe and Moorhouse, and, according to the most extreme stories emanating from the set, between Crowe and almost everybody else. – What else is new? [smh]