Larry Birkhead Trots Out His Little Cash Cow Dannielynn

“Hey sweetie, do you think you could manage to cry a little for Daddy? It would really help to sell these pictures. Do you need help? Should I give you a pinch?”

Larry Birkhead’s little girl earns her keep by looking cute while he once again offers to spill his guts to the highest bidder. Entertainment Tonight and The Insider will be showing an interview with Larry talking about Dannielynn’s first visit to her mother and brother’s grave in the Bahamas. According to Larry, the tombstones aren’t yet finished because he wasn’t happy with the artwork he was given, “A rough draft came back with a sketch of a picture I didn’t care for. I could just hear her hitting me over the head saying, ‘Why did you let that picture go down!?'”

I like when Larry channels Anna. I wonder if he ever jokingly says, “If she saw me right now, she’d probably smile and say, ‘You sonofabitch, I thought I told you to stay away from Dannielynn.’ That was just her way of telling me she loved me and wanted me in our baby’s life.”