LAPD Still Needs More Evidence To Convict Chris Brown

February 26th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Those hasty anger management classes may have been booked in vain — Chris Brown‘s March 5th court date may have to be pushed back due to lack of evidence.

We don’t have the evidence yet. [Los Angeles police
detectives] are still investigating,” says
district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison, who doesn’t expect
her office to receive the case until at least next week.
“If [detectives] determine they need more time they’ll set a new date for him to come into court.”

While everyone who’s seen the battered Rihanna pictures and combed through the reams of circulating reports since the Feb. 8th incident think it’s pretty clear Chris Brown is guilty, the D.A. are being “more thorough than usual ” with this case.

The LAPD are working on building evidence against Chris on a garden variety of charges: “domestic violence, assault resulting in great bodily injury and even attempted murder.”

However, actually booking Chris on any of these may be a pipe dream. It’s often next to impossible to build a felony case when the only two witnesses are the abused and abuser — especially if the abuser is getting cold feet.

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By Melissa Noble

  1. stewie

    Is she not cooperating w/ the cops? What evidence do they need? If he did indeed bite her, DNA should be pretty easy to get.

  2. Andy

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  3. AJ Simkatu

    The “abuser” is not “getting cold feet”. It is the “abused” in this case.

  4. LeslieD

    Pray for strength for Rhianna–next time it may only be a body as evidence.

  5. asdf

    I am so, so, so, sick of this. This young man is no more a woman beater than the pope is. Because of this once incident everyone is condeming him to a life of a woman beater. That’s just ridiculous. If anyone that makes these statements about him, have watched his career over the last couple of years, they would know there is nothing violent about this kid. Him and Rihanna should have been able to work out their problems without the world chiming in. Rihanna is by no means a typical ‘victim’ of domestic abuse. She has said openly that she was pretty physical with her two brothers growing up. That she actually hit the older one with a glass bottle during a fight. So no one knows what went on that night, but those two. And the media is so damn ridiculous for having this in the news everyday. Bet it wouldn’t be there if it were the Jonas Bros. It would be hidden !!!

  6. Brooke

    Chris Brown needs to go to jail. Rihanna needs to stay as far away from him as possible. Taking him back sends the worst message possible to any and all girls and women who might suffer from such violence.

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