LAPD Investigates Leaked Photos Of Rihanna’s Battered Face

A disturbing photo of Rihanna or a Rihanna look-a-like with bruises, a swollen lip and a myriad of other battle wounds has been swiftly making its way through the blogosphere.

The photo was allegedly taken right after the domestic dispute between Rihanna and Chris Brown on Feb. 8th, with a source at E! News claiming the picture (click any thumbnail to go to the gallery, and the photo is on the second gallery page) was snapped by a detective at Hancock Park right when the cops arrived.

While the Los Angeles Police Department will not confirm or deny this is Rihanna, they are up in arms that an unauthorized photo has been released for public viewing, and have launched an internal investigation.

The LAPD would like anyone with insider information as to how this photo was leaked to contact them immediately.

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