Lane Garrison May Avoid Prison

Several convicts might not get the opportunity to acquire a hot piece of ass. Lane Garrison was in court today, listening to various people testify for and against him. The verdict? He’s been sent to a California prison for 90 days for a “diagnostic”. This is when he gets studied by prison officials and shrinks to determine if he is a suitable candidate for probation. Sources are saying this is a huge win for Garrison. I guess a 90 day diagnostic is better than an actual prison sentence? Maybe he gets to stay in a nicer room and doesn’t get the “OZ” treatment? Garrison’s attorney went to bat for him:

Harland Braun just told the judge, “We don’t have a country where people come in and accept responsibility. He at least came in here and didn’t even plead not guilty.”

Braun then said, “When TMZ broadcast this (the PSA), they got six million hits, so young people must have watched this.”

The dead kid’s family isn’t buying any of this, and want Garrison to serve at least four years in the pen for his crime. My only question is why TMZ had NINETEEN posts on this story? Jesus, try typing “UPDATE” and filling us in. Some Sidekick-happy bitch must have been live-bloggin’ courtside.