Lane Garrison May Avoid Prison

August 2nd, 2007 // 12 Comments

Several convicts might not get the opportunity to acquire a hot piece of ass. Lane Garrison was in court today, listening to various people testify for and against him. The verdict? He’s been sent to a California prison for 90 days for a “diagnostic”. This is when he gets studied by prison officials and shrinks to determine if he is a suitable candidate for probation. Sources are saying this is a huge win for Garrison. I guess a 90 day diagnostic is better than an actual prison sentence? Maybe he gets to stay in a nicer room and doesn’t get the “OZ” treatment? Garrison’s attorney went to bat for him:

Harland Braun just told the judge, “We don’t have a country where people come in and accept responsibility. He at least came in here and didn’t even plead not guilty.”

Braun then said, “When TMZ broadcast this (the PSA), they got six million hits, so young people must have watched this.”

The dead kid’s family isn’t buying any of this, and want Garrison to serve at least four years in the pen for his crime. My only question is why TMZ had NINETEEN posts on this story? Jesus, try typing “UPDATE” and filling us in. Some Sidekick-happy bitch must have been live-bloggin’ courtside.


By J. Harvey

  1. Sarah

    HAHA about the TMZ comment. I tried to read their site today and took a pass for all the mess they had about it. As a former journalist, I’d say it was a bad layout to say the least…..!

  2. JRo

    I still don’t get why a 27 year old man was drinking and partying with a 17 year old boy and two 15 year old girls in the first place. The death is eclipsing the bizarre and dangerous circumstances which led up to it.

  3. Candy Apple

    Well, Garrison can either rot in prison for four years, in which time we’ll see neither hide nor hair of him, or he can get probation and continue his campaign to raise awareness of the perils of drunk driving. I feel for the victims family, but having Garrison sit in jail won’t bring their child back, but having Garrison continue to build awareness of drunk driving catastrophies (which I seriously hope he intents to do) can help other families avoid what they have gone through. Whether he serves prison time or not, this is something that will weigh heavy on his soul for the rest of his life.

  4. S_M_G

    I’m happy it went this way. The kids have responsibility in this matter too.

    On the other hand, I have driven when I was drunk before but this Garrison case really got to me. It is so easy to get in an accident. I think he is doing a very good job at raising awareness. Just leave your car keys at home if you are going to party.

  5. jesse d

    I am all for people paying for their mistakes, but seriously, he’s the only Hollywood celeb I don’t want to see in jail. Like Candy Apple said, let him continue to raise awareness for drunken driving & it’s consequences rather than rot in jail where we only hear from him vaguely in a few years when he gets out.

  6. Persistent Cat

    S_M_G, what do you mean, the kids have some responsibility too? What kids? I hope you don’t mean the kids who were in the car, including the one who died.

    Although he can raise awareness, what message is it that he doesn’t go to jail. His actions led to the death of a 17-year old. You want to raise awareness, send him to jail. That would be more of a deterrence. No, it won’t bring the dead boy back but…. sorry, I just can’t justify him not doing some time. His actions killed someone.

  7. S_M_G

    Persistent Cat:

    I know it’s not PC but yes I am talking about the kids in the car and their families. They were as drunk as Garrisson and they were going to go to that party if Lane wasn’t there with probably one of them driving. I am 30 and I can not imagine partying with 17 year olds but that’s another issue.

    At 15 I wasn’t at parties drinking the night away. They made the choice to jump into that car and that makes them responsible too…

    Sorry I know this is going to anger some people but I’m just saying what I’m thinking…

  8. JRo

    The only way to subjectively judge this is in respect to the law. According to the law, 15 year olds are minors and they are not equally accountable for thier actions as adults are, regardless of their maturity level or what they might have done had Garrison not been there. I personally think those parents who are demanding jail time for Lane should be held accountable for their negligence as legal guardians.

  9. jro

    …objectively I mean.

  10. Candy Apple

    Yeah, that’s also a good point, why were the parents allowing their teens to run around with a 27 year old? I’d say the parents are accountable as well. If you’re going to let your teens run around with someone a decade or more older, you’d better be darn sure of how responsible that someone actually is, what they will be doing, and where they will be going. You ask your kids all those questions when they go out with kids their own age, so when they’re going out with someone who is legal but still relatively young, you’d better still be asking those questions. I hate it when people passively let things happen that they themselves could have helped prevent, but then when it hits the fan they want to wash their hands of any accountability. Prison is not the only way for Garrison to pay for his crime. Whether he goes to prison or not, he’ll be paying for it in one way or another for the rest of his life. But I think he has the potential to save quite a few lives by campaigning for drunk driving awareness.

  11. hmweis1

    That’s crap. He KILLED someone! He was the adult in the situation and decided to get high and drunk and party with some high school kids? He definitely deserves to go to prison and pay for what he did. If that was your son/daughter/brother/sister you’d want the same!

  12. Candy Apple

    hmweis1-don’t presume to tell someone else what they would want done in a situation. Especially when your view of the overall picture appears to be rather narrow.

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