Landon Donovan, I Suggest You Take This Mess To Maury Povich

Whereas most people deny immediately that they have fathered an illegitimate love-child, US World Cup star Landon Donovan mildly said, “If I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support.” But what if it’s not yours!? You have to DNA test that baby before you start writing checks.

Has this guy never seen a Maury Povich show in his life? Get a paternity test. Duh!

Even better, Donovan is married, however separated (whatever that means these days) from “Rules of Engagement” actress Bianca Kajlich. They’ve been married since 2006 but Donovan said that they are not officially divorced and have been separated since last July. Juicy, juicy.

Donovan allegedly scored with some chick last winter during the 10 weeks Donovan spent playing for Everton, England, in the English Premier League. The baby mamma is reportedly threatening to provide one or more British tabloids with the steamy details and I say go ahead and let her. Let her talk her mess.

But seriously, call Maury. Get this shit settled up.