Lance Bass Throws A Drink? Or Gets A Drink Thrown On Him?

Sunday night was a bit of a blur for Lance Bass. He was at the Bridgehampton Polo match and was asked to leave – because he was drunk? – and then when he declined, security kicked him out of the event. He retold the evening’s events via his Twitter:

“Wow! Some woman security guard took my drink and threw my drink on me and said “get the f**k out” I’m so confused why that just happened!”

Thankfully, an ‘insider’ was there that said that Lance was a bit more drunk than he led on and that he threw his drink upon the woman and was belligerent.

“The guy was clearly intoxicated and when she approached him for the third time to ask him to please leave, she also asked for his drink, and that’s when he said “here!” and tossed it at her,” another witness explains. “They stared shouting at one another, other security guards came rushing over, and that was it. They surrounded him and escorted him out. It was ridiculous.”

However, a friend says that he wasn’t drunk and that he accidentally exited the event and tried to get back in and that the female security guard grabbed the drink from his hand and got the other security guards to kick him out.

Who the hell knows what happened and better yet – do people actually attend polo matches on the regular? That’s the weirdest part of this entire story to me. Here’s Lance and some friends having dinner in Hollywood!