Lance Bass Needs To Find A New Boyfriend

Whether or not they’re still together (I’m not even exactly sure at this point), I think it’s clear Lance needs to at least find himself some rebounder to distract him from his present frustrations with part-time lover, Reichen Lehmkuhl. Page Six of the New York Post reports:

LANCE Bass is coping badly with Internet rumors of his on-again-off-again boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl’s cheating ways. The boy-bander showed up to Heineken’s party at Sundance Monday night “with a bunch of friends” said a spy, but “Rei chen was nowhere in sight.” Another partygoer witnessed “a very upset” Bass knocking down a stanchion outside the club. Bass was evidently too upset to join the celebs stampeding for swag.

Whoah, too depressed for SWAG? He really is down in the dumps. I have a feeling a little jaunt around WeHo would do Lance some good. Seriously, Lance. You, me, FuBar. VIP. Drinks on me. We’ll bring us some sexy back. And probably end up drunk-dialing Wayne and/or Janice Dickinson.

LANCE’S SUNDANCE STRAIN [Page Six | New York Post]


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