Lance Bass and Reichen Are Done. Like For Serious.

January 29th, 2007 // 4 Comments

I’m sure all of us have experienced the last sputtering death throes of our own relationships, knowing full well that the first break-up never quite takes. And celebrities are no different. Lance Bass has told People that he and reality-star, Reichen Lehmkuhl, have mutually decided to just be friends.

“We broke up last week,” Bass tells PEOPLE. “But we’re really good friends. Nothing bad at all – nothing bad at all to say.”

The first time the two gave it a go at trying to end things was back in December. I tend to wait until a few weeks after Valentine’s Day, so as to make sure to secure that V-Day date, without arousing too much suspicion by ending it directly after. I hope someone’s taking notes. This is good stuff.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    This is just such a sad story. So much adversity – the ups, the downs… it’s a cautionary tale of what happens when 2 power bottoms finally get together and try to make a go of it. Tragedy.

    Honestly, does anyone care about either of them??

  2. Leland

    Judging by this video of Lehmkuhl assuring people in Atlanta January 19th that they were still together, he was the last to know. But I suppose he got a clue when he arrived back in LA to find his bags, boxes of unsold books and calendars, and multiple full-length mirrors on the curb. Forget Valentine’s Day–this is at least the SECOND X-mas temporary reconciliation he’s manuevered–the first with Race cowinner/former husband [and the REAL gay activist of the pair] Chip Arndt in 2003.

  3. mj

    Maybe Reichen woke up and look over at Bass and said ‘What am I doing? Sheesh!’…I know I have done this before..haha

  4. mj

    Maybe Reichen woke up one morning and looked over at Bass and said ‘What am I doing? Sheesh!’…I know I have done this before..haha

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