Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Are Going To Marry And Five Other Stories In Our Weekend Roundup

Shirtless Lance Bass
Lance Bass Hits The Beach With BFF Jamie Lynn Sigler
Here are some stories you missed over the weekend!

Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Are Engaged!

How exciting, Lance Bass proposed to boyfriend Michael Turchin and he said yes! Of course he did, who doesn’t love them some Lance? Check out the story! 

The other five stories you may have missed…

Tom Welling Shows His Gorgeous Face At The Venice International Film Festival

Ah! I almost stopped breathing when I saw the beauty that is Tom Welling out at an event! Check out the story!

10 Casting Alternatives to Batfleck

Before Miley Cyrus had everyone losing their minds over her disturbing performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the Internet exploded over the news that Ben Affleck was recently cast as Batman. Check out the story!

James Franco’s Cute Mickey Mouse Shirt In Venice Doesn’t Make Up For Creepy Role In ‘Palo Alto’

James Franco hopped on to a water taxi that headed to the 70th Venice International Film Festival wearing a pretty sweet Mickey Mouse T-shirt on August 31, 2013 in Venice, Italy. Check out the story!

So, Lindsay Lohan Is Behind The Wheel Again…

Sometimes when you mix driving and Lindsay Lohan, they repel each other. Check out the story!

Kiss White Goodbye With 14 Photos Of Kate Middleton

If you subscribe to same notion as my mother, then you are sadly packing away your summer whites. For those of us who think we are privileged enough to wear it year-round, white can be a spectacular canvas on which to build. Check out the story!