Lana Del Rey’s Bold Magazine Covers [PHOTOS]

This woman can seriously do no wrong. Lana Del Rey is amazingly talented and looks gorgeous on each and every magazine cover she’s on. What impresses me more is that they’re mostly for international magazines. Not many were from the United States at all.

She looks stunning and sometimes poses very provocatively, but that’s kind of what she’s associated with now. After her “Born to Die”video, and the lyrics to all of her songs, it’s difficult not to connect her with those two.

The most fascinating thing about her, besides her lyrics, is her real name. That’s right folks, Lana Del Rey isn’t this fabulous singer’s real name. Her actual name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. I can honestly understand why she changed it. It doesn’t have the same ring to it as her stage name.

With the exception of the Plain Jane name, there’s nothing ordinary about her. She is the definition of extraordinary.

Check out our gallery of her magazine covers and let us know what you think about her!

What is Lana Del Rey’s actual name? Find out below.