Lana Del Rey Swaps Fashion Week Style For Teddy Bear Backpack In London [PHOTOS]

Lana Del Rey is apparently one of those celebs who can turn the glam on and off in second.

The songstress was spotted in London sporting skinny jeans, a very unflattering gray sweater and, to complete the look, a teddy bear backpack. Lana is currently in London for Fashion Week, although I’m pretty sure this outfit wouldn’t fly with the likes of Anna Wintour.

It’s kind of funny seeing Lana is such a comfortable outfit, but paired with such perfect and straight hair. I’m assuming it’s leftover hair from Fashion Week. Also, anyone else kind of miss Lana as a red head? I think it really worked on her. So when do you think Lana has time to sleep?

The singer had literally just flown in from Poland before heading off to Fashion Week and now she’s on her way out again. Lana! Calm down! Take a nap! Maybe cuddle with your teddy bear backpack. Everybody loves to cuddle with a teddy bear.

Speaking of the bear, what do you guys think of it? It reminds of those kids in high school with like the Dora The Explorer backpacks. Is it supposed to make some sort of statement? Launch the gallery and tell us what you think of Lana’s laid back look and her teddy bear.

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