Lana Del Rey Says Hi To Fans And Says Hellllooo To The Big Boys [PHOTOS]

Call Me Maybe
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This American singer and songwriter knows what she wants. Lana Del Rey, known for her unique pop culture take on music is anything far from shy. She pulls a little bit from genres across the scene like Britney Spears, Elvis and Eminem, and we definitely are loving it.

At the young age of 26, she’s made up her mind on the type of men she’s into. That’s right. Not just boys, but MEN.

Monsters & Critics reported that she made sure this was apparent in her music video for “Ride,” which starred plenty of men.

It was my style. It was very comfortable. I love men who have experienced a lot of life and know what they love, and they’ve done it all and totally get it. They’ve lived their lives and have good energy. The guys in the video were Las Vegas natives and it was fun to have them, it was the right mood.

You sure won’t hear me complaining about the video. She’s so lucky to have combined two of her favorite things into one — making music and experienced men. Jelly.

I wonder what men in Hollywood she’s got her eyes on. George Clooney? Alexander Skarsgard? She probably could draw in any man she desires with her hit tracks.

Well, we know for sure that she’s got the fan base down. Yesterday fans were eager to simply catch a glimpse of the beauty outside of BBC Radio 1 studios. Just check out the gallery to see Lana greeting them with nothing but a huge smile. Hey, maybe she spotted the man of her dreams.