Lana Del Ray Spotted In London, Talks About Her Burgeoning Career [PHOTOS]

'11 European Music Awards
Performances took place in Belfast.
Up-and-coming musician Lana Del Rey talked to Complex about her rise to the top.  Del Rey, who will perform on Saturday Night Live January 14th, says about her music, “Most of the songs are about heartbreak, but maybe the videos and the pictures have added to that perception. They are quite vamped up, aren’t they? [Laughs.] I have fun with it all, but music and taking pictures are not my end-all, be-all. They’re fun, but they’re not important to me. The most important thing, obviously, is the record. I just hope I can create that sonic world that I have in mind.”

Some think that her lips have puffed up a bit since this summer, to which she says: “I can tell that’s going to be a fucking problem. I didn’t sign up to be famous, I just wanted to sing. It’s so annoying, but what am I going to do?”

Del Ray was seen leaving a TV studio in London yesterday (January 4th) with a male companion, having recorded a show earlier in the evening. Del Ray posed with fans who had waited for hours in the rain to meet her, before heading off.

Have you listended to Del Ray’s songs?  What do you think of her music?