Lamar Odom Picks Up Some Taco Bell, Returns To Home He Shares With Khloe Kardashian

Someone has the munchies!

Troubled basketball star Lamar Odom emerged from hiding to hit the drive-thru at Taco Bell in the San Fernando Valley, California earlier today (August 28, 2013).

Lamar has been battling his drug addiction, allegedly to crack cocaine. His wife, reality star Khloe Kardashian, is reportedly trying to help him get his life back on track.

TMZ is reporting that Odom returned to his Los Angeles home on Monday (August 26, 2013), after going off the grid for several days. 

Sources tell us both Lamar and Khloe are inside the home and addressing some serious issues, including Lamar’s out-of-control crack problem. One source tells us Lamar is “open to reason and listening to the people who love him the most” … a drastic change from a week ago, when Lamar rejected an attempted intervention.

Our fingers are crossed for you Lamar. I just really want to know who leaked the fact that Lamar has a drug problem.

Check out these pics from Lamar picking up some food at Taco Bell earlier today.

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