Lamar Odom Loses His Sh*t On The Paparazzi

Temper, temper.

NBA star Lamar Odom was caught on camera going ballistic on them Wednesday, July 10. The husband of Khloe Kardashian was seen furiously raiding of the photographers’ car with a metal rod in one hand. Watch the video below.

Lamar, 33, grabbed a shutterbug’s belongings that included camera equipment from the backseat and, in a dramatic fashion, threw them all into the middle of the street. He then moved to another photog’s vehicle and reportedly appeared to smash it with his rod. 

The baller proceeded to pick up the photographer’s trashed stuff from the middle of the street, carried all in one arm, and stashed them in his trunk. Despite his rage, he politely obliged when a female fan jumped out of her car and asked for a picture.

Odom apparently took offense to the paparazzo being asked about cheating rumors.

Lamar’s wife Khloe took to Twitter to defend her husband’s actions in a long series of tweets which include:



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