The Lakers Have Famous Fans

David Beckham was surrounded by two of his sons at a a Laker’s game, possibly hoping to use them to distract him from all of the Laker Girl ass being wagged in his face. Either that, or he wanted to teach his boys at a young age to appreciate the spoils of their father’s hard work–or just to enjoy the game, I guess.

Tobey Maguire and his buddy Lukas Haas look like they’re enjoying themselves, with Lukas conspicuously nursing an unlit cigar in his mouth. Hmm, I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to smoke those things inside, so I guess it functions as his passy when he’s indoors.

Antonio Banderas, who has forever endeared himself to me for his portrayal of Puss in Boots, as well as the bee who suffers through the same allergy symptoms as I do, was also there with his daughter, Stella. He looks very triumphant in a number of pictures after the jump and I’m pretty sure that it’s no coincidence that during his victory cheers, his 12-year-old daughter is out of the picture. Aww, that makes me nostalgic for when I was embarrassed by my dad.

Photos: Getty Images

10 more photos from the Lakers game featuring Tobey Maguire, James Belushi, David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Stella Banderas, Antonio Banderas, Lori Petty, Penny Marshall and Lukas Haas are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images