Lagerfeld is Fighting “PC Fascism”

Karl Lagerfeld, pretentious snob who lives by the mantra “I wear my sunglasses at night,” or fabric genius and a designer we should all gravitate to?

Whatever your answer is the fact is you know his name. He has a ground in fashion. Whether or not you love or hate him the fact of the matter is that he synonymous with Chanel. I haven’t come across one person in my life that has never heard of Chanel.

The skinny model issue has split the industry’s designers into the yay and the nay. Donna Karan is heading team yay and the fight to ban models who are underweight. But, many other designers including Karl think the mere thought of the ban is disgusting. Contact Music reports the words straight from the source’s mouth.

“The idea of regulation is revolting, but so much of the moment. Models are about looks, not about weight. It’s part of this new, PC fascism.”

When I read his quote aloud I laughed to myself thinking about how he threw the word fascism out there so freely. Somewhat ironic since he possesses many qualities of a dictator. But before a flood of pointing fingers begins let me remind you the real issue is the weight. Where do we draw the line? Let the battle of the no-bulge alllowed begin.

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