Lady Who Tried To Kill Sandra Bullock’s Husband Isn’t New To The Neighborhood


Sandy and Jesse don’t need this shit. They seem like a nice couple and it sucks when some crazy heifer is trying to run you down in your own driveway. I’m pushing for the death penalty. The stalker who tried to flatten Sandra Bullock’s hot husband Jesse James with her car has been bothering them for awhile .

Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino tells that, “On several occasions before this incident [the 44-year-old actress and her husband] found [Marcia Valentine] lying in front of their garage door. On [the morning of ] Sunday, April 22 around 10:30 a.m., Jesse James went out and asked her to leave. She yelled some obscenities at James, who did not have a cell phone in his hand. When she saw that he did not have a phone, she went to her car. She threw the car in reverse in his direction. He attempted to move out of the way and she kept moving the vehicle. She attempted to run him over three or four times. She then drove off on Pacific Coast Highway. James called police and told them that he did not know this woman. He then gave them a detailed description [of her] to the police – she drove a silver Mercedes with a white decal on the rear. He described her as a 5’4 white female. ”

Evil Knievel has no police record in LA County. This bitch needs to stop bedding down in front of their garage. What’s wrong with her? Sandy doesn’t have time for this. She needs to be making heartwarming romantic comedies. Though, if the woman was there to counsel against making anymore of these time travel flicks, I’m almost sorta with her. Stop traveling in time, Sandy and romance a guy in a coma while you’re in rehab again. God, she’s done some good movies. *sigh*