Lady Gaga’s Stylist Hates Celebrities, Except Her Of Course

Meet the man responsible for the masked, blood-soaked and orb-wearing Lady Gaga we now know and love. Gaga’s new violent look (The Fame Monster, anyone?) is a far cry away from when she was simply the Pantless One mere months ago. Gaga and new stylist Nicola Formichetti, who manages her look for all her videos, shows, tours for The Fame Monster, met during a shoot he styled for the July 2009 issue of experimental fashion mag V.

“It was instant love,” Formichetti tells New York Time’s T Magazine. He dressed Gaga in looks from leather to lace and even threw in a black tape nipple pastie. “I had always stayed away from celebrity and musicians before, but she was so different.” Um, hello.

Formichetti goes on in the interview to say how much he dislikes working with celebrities.
“I try to stay away from that whole machine.”

Seems as though making ones biggest, brightest client a pop star whose last two albums prominently featured the word “fame” might be a poor choice then, huh?
But then again, good thing Gaga has found a stylist who appreciates her refined taste in Kermit the Frog attire. She practically had to hunt down this lady, who after being requested to style Lady Gaga for every video she’d ever done only agreed as of the video “Paparazzi.” Who knows what happened to official Gaga stylist number one, but good riddance. If more Formichetti means more metal-clad Gaga as a kind of sphinx/popstar hybrid, I’m in!