Lady Gaga Wore A Hair Dress

It’s Thursday, so let’s talk about what Lady Gaga wore!

Wednesday night Madame G performed at the Oak Room in New York City, seen here, appearing in a dress made of human hair.  To tell you the truth, I’m being a little liberal with the word ‘dress.’  It was more like a hair poncho.  You know, for the sake of accuracy.

I don’t care for Lady’s music (or arrogant attitude), but I’m a huge fan of crazy and she serves it up daily!  Granted, I’m pretty sure I saw this stunt on America’s Next Top Model (yes, I watch that trash) and I feel a little uncomfortable that the wig on her torso doesn’t match the wig on her head, but what the hell!  I’m suitably entertained.

Keep on keeping on, sweetheart!  Check out every angle of this crazy mess in the gallery!