Lady Gaga Wears Her Heart On Her Arm And Her Bag

April 13th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Even though M.I.A. thinks she sucks, Lady Gaga‘s fans will stick by her and she appreciates it.

Arriving in New Tokyo International Airport Gaga showed off not only a new silhouette in an angular paper doll suit with parachute bottoms, but an inked up arm and Hermes Birkin bag, which usually cost at least $6,500. On the bag the words read “I love little monster, Tokyo love” in the Japanese alphabet of Katakana, and just “I love little monsters” on her skin. Little monsters refers to her loyal fans.

Gaga is performing in Kobe and Yokohama before she jets to Stockholm for the next leg of her world tour.

By Madison Ventura
  1. Yan

    I’m with you M.I.A, lady gaga sucks.lady gaga it’s all about markting.

  2. tomuko

    Her bag says: “I love small monster, Tokyo love”, but it’s english words just phonetically represented in katakana (except Tokyo). Her arm says “Little monsters”, but again just english in katakana. It sort of looks like she just found a stranger in the airport to write it on her bag for her..

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