Lady Gaga Wants You To Be Monogamous

I know you love to make a fashion statement and we love it too, but for god sakes put on a coat Lady Gaga! It’s snowing like crazy in New York!

The Grammy winning singer seemed more interested in protecting her pasties when she signed autographs outside of Good Morning America today. She really does love her fans. Not only did she stay out in the cold to sign autographs, but she sent them hot chocolate while they waited outside.

The “Poker Face” singer did dress appropriately for the blizzard while on the show, pulling off a soft snow queen ensemble.  It looked like she and Cyndi Lauper were about to perform a live play featuring the good witch vs. the bad witch, but to my disappointment the outrageously dressed duo was actually there to talk. 

The two were getting out the word about MAC make-ups Viva Glam fundraising program to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in women. The full $14 price of any lipstick from the Viva Glam collection goes straight to the cause and the two singers say they represent the age brackets of women who are currently at the highest risk of infection.  Lady Gaga said she wore her Viva Glam lipstick at the Grammys.

They are so cute together! I love when they hold hands and Cyndi gives her advice about doing what she wants and not listening to everybody.  I just wanted to hug Cyndi and call her Bubby. Lady Gaga took the touching moment and brought it back to the matter at hand,  emphasizing that their relationship is is an example of how women should protect each other. So stop laughing at your girlfriend’s crazy stories about random sex, please. Watch the Good Morning America video after the jump.

Gaga says she’s gotten those phone calls from her friends, but she advocates “loving monogamous relationships to protect you and those around you.”

The “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” singer did not have anything to say on that point.