Lady Gaga Sees Dead People

It’s no secret that I am the hugest Lady Gaga fan. Um, I totally had my best bud Lazzzy John bring over his PS3 for full blast Rock Band session for my birthday. 

Indeed, I did.

And for the record, I tuned in for the live interview session broadcast Sunday, May 30th, for all her little monsters, available here for on demand viewing.

With all the in depth conversation, ranging from fashion to f*cking, surprisingly, she does not mention her need to have her security team carry out “spirit seeking sweeps” of venues on her current tour.

It’s probably with good reason, cause bitch has got to have some bad juju coming her way, with people jumping up their own asses to get a Bedazzler to imitate the leather studded sexiness she is carrying on her arm, aka, her Hermes Bag. It almost distracts from the shoes.