Lady Gaga Plans Tribute To Alexander McQueen At Brit Awards

Lady Gaga, seen here arriving at the 2010 Brit Awards today, has everyone at the Brit Awards in a tizzy. The singer has ditched her planned performance because she feels it would not be appropriate following the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

Instead, she wants to appear on stage alone dressed in a black leotard to sing acoustic versions of “Telephone” and “Dance In The Dark.” The Sun reports that the star is also trying to persuade Brit organisers to show projections of McQueen during her set.

“Gaga’s final choreography was finished ages ago,” a source told the paper. “The whole performance was ready to go. But when she turned up for final rehearsals on Monday she announced she is too upset about Alexander McQueen to do that performance.”

“She says she’s changing everything. She wants to wear an all-black outfit and do sombre versions of her music as a tribute to him.”

The singer had originally planned to drive on stage in a car filled with musical instruments wearing a “water dress” to perform a medly of hits.

Somehow I think Alexander being so fashion forward, that we would have appreciated the water dress.