Lady Gaga Kills It Once Again In Concert

Lady Gaga took to the stage last night for the first of two Los Angeles concerts.  I read a review on and was glad to see that Gaga still had the energy to entertain her “little monsters” like she did when I attended the Boston concert back in early July.  Let me tell you-Gaga is amazing in concert.  She’s engaged in conversation with the audience, as personable as an entertainer can be on stage, and really delivers on each and every song.  If she’s lip-syncing, I couldn’t tell.

Gaga also took time to thank her fans for buying tickets to the show and demanded that everyone’s freak flag fly for the night.

Tonight, I want you to free yourselves, forget your insecurities.”

You go Gaga.  You da bomb.

If anyone has any great stories about a Gaga concert, holler back. She was amazing live, wasn’t she?