Lady Gaga Gets Booed And Cheered

The fans were all over Lady Gaga this weekend as she played the V Festival. Apparently, fans started to boo, scream and yell in protest after the singer was still a no show on stage twenty minutes after she was scheduled to perform.

Finally, after the fans started a slow handclap, lights dimmed, backdrop fell, and Lady Gaga appeared her full on weird outfits. As she started to sing “Paparazzi”, the crown went wild and cheered like they weren’t booing to begin with. Personally, I’m just glad that Lady Gaga didn’t bring out her fangs and start biting people who were booing her. It just seems like something she would do.

She made the crowd go even wilder with all her England references. Upon making her way to the stage she made the crowd go crazy by yelling “England!” She then proceeded to improvise a song about England before adding, “My name is Lady Gaga, I’ve been so excited to play V!”

Before beginning a piano version of “Poker Face”, she told the audience, “I live for nothing more than my fans, you guys are the fucking coolest fans on the planet.” However, all of the cheers quickly turned back to boos as she abruptly left the stage.

Her dancers were supposed to come back on, but stage staff kept them off and Lady Gaga kept playing until they literally “pulled the plug.” She then left the stage with a, “I’m so sorry, but I have to go. I’m so sorry, but I love you so much,” to which the crowd began to boo. Again.

Some people are just never happy, are they? Make sure to check out some videos of Lady Gaga’s hignly entertaining V Festival performance after the jump.

Gallery Info: Lady Gaga performs at the V Festival and shows off her crazy outfits.