Lady Gaga Drops Ecstacy

So THAT explains everything!

While performing in Paris for the Cannes Film Festival, Lady Gaga was super open to the UK Times about some of her lifestyle vices.

Listed in OMG order:
-Says a little “Ecstasy once in a while never killed anyone”
-She doesn’t do cocaine anymore
-Prescription medication keeps her sane
-She’s been tested for lupus because it’s a genetic disease that runs in her family
-She eats baby food to stay thin
-She sometimes smokes cigarettes, but only while drinking whiskey

Gaga may revolutionizing the pop world in a way that’s never been seen before, but this list makes me sad to think she’s filling her life with such destruction. If we’ve learned anything about all the celebs that we’ve lost in the past year, I really hope she learns to invite some sane people into her entourage and help shift her habits.