Lady Gaga Causes A Ruckus At Yankee Stadium


Leave it to Lady Gaga to piss off 2 New York Baseball teams in a little over a week.

After giving the one finger salute seen here at Citi Field during a New York Met’s game on June 10th, the pop-star continued her streak of classy behavior Friday at Yankee Stadium by showing up to the team’s clubhouse after a 4-0 loss to the New York Met’s wearing nothing but a thong, fishnet stockings and a barely buttoned Yankee’s Jersey.

Apparently Gaga caused quite a little security stir which even prevented reporters from getting in and out of the clubhouse.

(Stuck in the clubhouse with A-Rod? Sounds like a win-win).

Despite recent reports, Gaga has not been banned from the Yankees clubhouse. According to General Manager Brian Cashman the Yankees do not have a problem with Gaga or anything she did, but rather the decision to let something like that happen after a loss.

Cashman told the New York Daily News, “There is a time for things like that and that wasn’t it. After a loss is the wrong time. Where a security detail prevents the media covering the game from doing its job, that is wrong. This has nothing to do with her….It has to do with a decision made upstairs to let her in and allow this to happen. She did nothing wrong…The problem is internal and it’s been handled.”

Cashman confirmed no one has been fired over the incident.

Ok….let’s get real for a second. Who knew Lady Gaga was even a baseball fan? 20 bucks says she was trying to find herself some nice professional baseball playing man candy for the rest of the weekend. Hence the outfit. (which go figure is exactly what I wear to every baseball game I go to…oh wait, no).

Anyone think the Yankees new warm up song will be “Alejandro?”