Lady Gaga Can’t Believe What She’s Wearing

May 21st, 2009 // 19 Comments

Such shame. Bad wig. Bad sunglasses. Bad jacket. Bad camel toe (is there good camel toe?). What was this get up for? A radio interview in Sydney, Australia.

It’s all beginning to wear a bit thin Lady Gaga.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. stewie

    yeah, call attention to yourself with an outfit like that but then cover your face like you just want to be left alone.

    what an annoying little poser this girl is.

  2. Greggie

    True dat, Stewie!

  3. jenn

    her little shtick got old really fast.

  4. Marilyn

    Nobody believes in her stardom quite like she does.

  5. lady caca

    Perez/Mario that stupid blogger keeps promoting her ass with his z-list celeb friends. Lady Caca is gross and needs to go away. She is no Pop Princess nor should be EVER compared to Madonna. Bitch is friends with Paris Hilton and has known her skank ass since she was young at school and I suspect Mario/Perez has some deal going to promote her and her gross music and style. Just like he does with Wonkey/Paris hilton. UGH MAKE IT STOP.

  6. haha

    congrats gaga on going platinum and good luck for your upcoming performance on the mtv movie awards! i wish my life was so shallow that the biggest thing i had to worry about was hating on a performer…

  7. Dee Cee

    Please, please don’t notice my many uglies.. look at the legs and boobs and crouch.. lots of fleshy womany.. but not the gross face and big nose, droopy eyes and saggy lips over buck teefs.. Truely I would offend Wineo to attack me.. eh>?

  8. Caroline

    Woman have cameltoe -men have mooseknuckle!
    THAT is mooseknuckle.

  9. Pat

    I can see Tranny Gaga’s peen!
    I thought she had already mastered the tucking in part….i was wrong!
    I guess his peen is also an attention whore!

  10. sam

    its sort of pathetic how the only thing any of you have to say is insults that aren’t even your own, but repeated from dlisted. she has a right to dress how she wants. and unlike a lot of performers these days, she actually has real talent and a great voice even if sometimes she’s a little over the top.
    I think you should all have some respect for these performers since they’re out there actually making their dreams come true and doing what they love instead of being miserable and sitting on their asses trash talking on people they have never actually met on a gossip website….

  11. akimbo

    I agree with sam! I LOVE Lady Gaga… finally a little art in the music world! She fantastic all the way around… I hate Paris too, but hey, everyone makes shitty friends from time to time! I like how we bash her and then say shes nothing like madonna… am I the only one that remembers the 80′s??? Madonna was called the same names and was on the same worst dressed list… do you people know where her clothes come from? She wears archived art pieces… do some research and get it together… shes the real deal and not going anywhere anytime soon!

  12. Astriastar

    Sam, what is wrong with quoting dlisted? MichaelK is God and his word is gospel.

    And as far as having respect for Lady CACA? Bitch doesn’t even have respect for himself. I think you need to have a strong cup of coffee and wake up! CACA has no talent and is a hack in shitty clothing. He’s like an abstract painting that nobody gets.

  13. sam

    hahahaha. I’m glad I came back to look at this again. I’m a fan of dlisted, and micheal k is a funny man but PLEASE have a mind of your own. you guys don’t think for yourselves. and have you ever seen her live? her voice is amazing and is a great entertainer. my advice to you is to start thinking for yourself instead of blindly following somebody who writes a GOSSIP BLOG.

  14. Ye Han

    Enough with wearing underpants out in public. It was cute and shocking the first few times, but now it’s just old and over done and a little embarrassing. For her, not us.

  15. Lex

    Foget about specific artists for a second. I’m tired of the diposable music that has infiltrated the airwaves. “Artists” like Gaga, Britnety Spears, Flo Rida, hell even the Black Eyed Pease have no substance. That’s my only issue. If this chick wants to walk around looking foolish, let her. The faster people stop talking about her and her kind, the faster they’ll go away.

  16. lol

    i love how people try to make fun of her by calling her a tranny as if being transgendered or a transexual is something to make fun of. it makes you look like a jerk and a dummie.


  17. tina


  18. joe

    forget cameltoe.. its Roast Beef lips today!!! (pic 16-17)

    Gaga isn’t a singer… her 2 songs have the same beat and are just modified versions of each other. The outfits are tired and lame, and remind me of some futuristic Jazzercise instructor. C’mon…

  19. boADS

    gaga has no substance.gaga is nothing.madonna from the 80s was huge.a bigger beggining.not like gaga.even shitney begging was bigger than gaga and look at shitney now.well gaga has nothing to do with madonna really.madonna numbers cant be compare to gaga,gaga is for sure another wannabe and im sure it wont last longcause people are tired of her.madonna is the only icon that still working hard and breaking records like she did with her last tour and again this year.madonna is always number one.gaga isnt.madonna had and has a rebel attitude,gaga doesnt ,gaga seems crazy,madonna always seemed a genious

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