Lady Gaga Attends Her Little Sister’s Graduation

June 9th, 2010 // 11 Comments

There’s something so fascinating about Lady Gaga having a family and them having regular milestones like the rest of the world. For Gaga though, attending her little sister Natali‘s graduation yesterday (June 8) also meant returning to the private Roman Catholic school she attended in the garb she wanted to wear. Looking less stickish, she draped herself in a black veil and a nude lace jumpsuit. I wonder if anyone was looking at at the stage.

Natali is keen on going into music like her big sis and Gaga is paying for her to having lessons with a vocal coach. Ugh, the little sisters always want to play too, but how often are they any good? Actually that’s not fair, because in those cases how often were their big sisters? Natali made a quick appearance in Gaga’s “Telophone” video as one of the inmates. You can see her at the 2:16 mark.

Gaga is getting a lot of shit in the media for her new video, “Alejandro.” Not for being controversial, as she simulates orgies, swallows rosary in a bobbit, or carries around a human heart, but because people are bored which is crazy. Did they miss the simulated orgies, rosary swallowing, and human heart?

What did you think?

By Madison Ventura

  1. bondbabe

    You know what would have been really nice? If big sis would have let the focus be on her younger sister and her graduation instead of drawing the attention to herself by dressing as a circus sideshow with platform hooves.

    But maybe her sister doesn’t mind. It’s just getting tiresome….

  2. t-man

    came here to write a comment and bondbabe said everything i wanted to write.

  3. Amy

    Its not that it was boring, its just old news. She needs to get a new game. I still love her, but I think she can do better. She is turning into a Madonna copy cat.

  4. Brian

    Madonna was never this crass.

    A little subtlety goes farther than these blatant cries for attention.

    Perhaps Lady Whatshername should channel some of this energy into writing lyrics that actually consist of more than two vowels repeated over and over.

  5. Alfonzo

    These comments are sounding a lot like my grandparents about Madonna.

    I’m assuming Gaga’s sister knows what her sister is like and probably wouldn’t have had it any other way. But that’s just my guess.

  6. ryanb

    The Alejandro video is at times breathtakingly beautiful.

    Madonna was never this weird, this risk taking, supportive of the gay community or frankly talented (Gaga can sing, play and compose).

  7. AL GOMA

    Lady Gaga should wear this outfit 24-7 so we don’t have to look at her poker face any more.

  8. Apostate

    Guess it was simply too much to ask for Lady Gag Reflex to stop riding that fame phallus for one day to allow the spotlight to swing elsewhere,huh?

  9. aa

    she mustb be insane

  10. Heather S

    I second bondbabes comment…so over her antics.

  11. Kal

    I think some people need to understand that GaGa is on the same “channel” of Madonna (that’s why Madonna likes Gaga too and they are kind of close friends) BUT she’s different from Madonna.

    GaGa has a more exotic avant-garde style, but she’s very diversified and you can expect anything from her (that’s why many fashion designers wants to dress her).
    She fully supports the gay community, making this one of her greatest purpose.

    In my opinion, GaGa has a more “Rock and Roll” style than Madonna, kind of a “underground” feeling or something. She has an strange obsession with death and scary things… Plus she sings very well live and plays piano as well. So she’s the way I like.

    I like them both, they put some art and intelligence on their work, unlike Ke$ha, Bieber and others “I’m an stupid teenager and I like it” type of thing.

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