Lady Gaga Attends Her Little Sister’s Graduation

There’s something so fascinating about Lady Gaga having a family and them having regular milestones like the rest of the world. For Gaga though, attending her little sister Natali’s graduation yesterday (June 8) also meant returning to the private Roman Catholic school she attended in the garb she wanted to wear. Looking less stickish, she draped herself in a black veil and a nude lace jumpsuit. I wonder if anyone was looking at at the stage.

Natali is keen on going into music like her big sis and Gaga is paying for her to having lessons with a vocal coach. Ugh, the little sisters always want to play too, but how often are they any good? Actually that’s not fair, because in those cases how often were their big sisters? Natali made a quick appearance in Gaga’s “Telophone” video as one of the inmates. You can see her at the 2:16 mark.

Gaga is getting a lot of shit in the media for her new video, “Alejandro.” Not for being controversial, as she simulates orgies, swallows rosary in a bobbit, or carries around a human heart, but because people are bored which is crazy. Did they miss the simulated orgies, rosary swallowing, and human heart?

What did you think?

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