Lady Gaga Asked Boy George To Sign Her Vagina

That doesn’t look like it would be easy to get to.

Boy George met Lady Gaga at the Brit awards and he was on a mission to get the singer’s autograph for his niece. It turns out Lady G wanted to get an autograph as well, on the one place were she’s said she doesn’t like strangers to go, the lady vajajay.

“I just did her hat instead” he laughed in an interview with The Mirror. He said he found her very sweet and admired her talent and that she is surrounded by chaos. “There were a lot of people in the room, it was all a bit chaotic,”he said. “I haven’t been around that kind of circus in years! I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ You know, I’ve been that woman! So it was very interesting to be on the outside looking in.”

The circus went to Buddha Bar on March 3, 2010 as Gaga, her dancers, and the crew ate dinner and stayed until 1 am. Lady Gaga stumbled out and needed the help of two security guards (probably her own) to get her back to her Monster Ball Tour bus. That does not look like dehydration.

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