Lady Gaga’s Twitter Death Gone Too Far

December 4th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Lady Gaga has joined the efforts of Alicia Keys, along with Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities, to raise $1 million dollars for charity by announcing a digital death. She will not communicate with fans via Twitter until she has raised the money for AIDS charities.

It seems she is taking this death thing up a notch by making public appearances in death shroud like garb. Seen here, Lady Gaga is spotted shopping at a Chanel boutique in Milan, Italy on December 3rd in a black veil and heels. The entire get up is covered with studs and spikes. She is only two days into the charity campaign and has raised a mere $200,000, which means many more dead Gaga pics to follow. Lady Gaga recently promised her new album, Born This Way will be the greatest of the decade. Promises, promises…

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. Lady Gaga Chanel Black Heels Black Veil Black Skinny Pants Studs Spikes
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    She is crazy. Murder

  2. CJ

    How about instead of shopping at Chanel in Milan, she donate that money to the same AIDS charity she is calling on her less well-off fans to send money to.

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  4. Lady Gaga Chanel Black Heels Black Veil Black Skinny Pants Studs Spikes
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