Lady Gaga’s Outfit Of Choice At Mr. Chow! [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga In Short Shorts
The singer headed to Sirius Radio.
Many years have passed since Lady Gaga hit the sound waves with her hit songs and more importantly (in my mind) her eccentric wardrobe! I have always been on board with her CRAZY style; trendsetting cant even being to classify what she does for the fashion world!

Anyway, Gaga recently was spotted dining at a restaurant in LA and I think this outfit is a little much, or I guess not enough to be able to dine in public! I mean I guess all the goodies are covered up, but with a whole lotta’ nothing!

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy seeing what Ms. Gaga will walk out in next. Seriously I mean it, I would do outlandish things in order to get the deets as to what goes into the design process of a single garment in her wardrobe! Fashionista’s everywhere don’t act as if you weren’t thinking the exact same thing!

So the question lies, is this outfit fit to causally eat out or just because shes the queen of all monsters does it make it OK for the public to be ‘Gaga-fide’?!