Lady Gaga’s Fashion Faux Pas [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga In Short Shorts
The singer headed to Sirius Radio.
Attention little monsters your leader has found a way to turn heads yet again while roaming the streets of London during fashion week. Lady Gaga was spotted in a head to toe cape of some sort with tails, lots and lots of tails.

She’s lucky that there were no members of PETA around because they would have had a field day with this wardrobe selection! Although this look is more conservative in comparison to her normal everyday attire I can’t say I’m on board with it, in fact I miss her skin bearing Gaga-esk apparel! 

Needless to say I have made my opinion pretty clear as far as how I feel about her outfit choice, but I want to know what all you lovely fashionistas think! Are you all on board with this blanket inspired get-up or is it a unanimous fail on Gaga’s part?!