Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Receives Mixed Reviews

There seems to be disappointment in many of the reviews of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. The problem is that the album seems to be lacking something. There are, naturally, others, who find it to be a marvelous offering but there is a significant number of reviews finding that the album somehow seems to be less original than she’s offered previous.

The singer is seen here at the Late Show With David Letterman today. Check out some of the reviews:

Rolling Stone: What makes Born This Way so disarmingly great is how warm and humane Gaga sounds. There isn’t a subtle moment on the album, but even at its nuttiest, the music is full of wide-awake emotional details. The friendliest cut is ‘Yoü & I,’ her love song to a ‘cool Nebraska guy.’ She has been playing it live for a while, but who knew she would let Mutt Lange put ‘We Will Rock You’ drums all over it? Or bring in Queen’s Brian May to play guitar?”

USA Today: On Gaga’s new album, Born This Way (**½ out of four), out Monday, it’s not always easy to distinguish between her creative ambition and her desire to simply sustain and milk our fascination.

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BBC Music: “This is not quite the revolution, and certainly not the greatest album ever made. It’s a storming collection of high-concept pop brilliance designed to soundtrack every preposterously tremendous Gaga moment for the next 18 months. If there’s a gripe to be had, it’s regarding the length: At an hour long, Born This Way initially feels more like an assault than an event, and it could easily lose a couple of tracks. However, if she is planning on releasing nine singles from it, then nobody can come away feeling ripped off.”

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Chicago Sun Times: The album isn’t so much an album as “an hour-long playlist of proposed new singles” says Born This Way beats us “about the head with the kind of bombastic, over-reaching production we’re used to from Elton John, Guns ’N Roses or especially Bonnie Tyler.”

NPR: “It’s a sign of how thoroughly politics and entertainment have merged (not that they were ever anything but inseparable) that the most powerful protest singer of our time is also our most commercially successful young star. Find Lady Gaga vapid at your own risk: On her just-leaked new album, Born This Way, she engages with and seeks to define the cultural conversation in ways that remind me of similar moves made by Bob Dylan circa 1963…for Gaga, the cause is gender equality, and her engines rev up on the dance floor, where gay and straight people alike (and often together) have historically opened themselves up to new forms of love, sensual pleasure, individual dignity and communal pride.”

MTV: “But above all, Born This Way succeeds because it is almost always interesting. Politics aside, this is a sonic smorgasbord, packed with forward-thinking rhythms (the eternally building strut of ‘Schiße,’ the icy synths of ‘Bloody Mary,’ the gnarly electro-guitars of “Bad Kids,” the pulsing pump of ‘Heavy Metal Lover’) that make it the most compelling pop album in recent memory. Even at its most indulgent, it’s still undeniably real.”

I personally am loving the album! What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments.