Lady Gaga, WTF Are You Wearing? [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga And BF Skinny Dip
The singer and her beau Taylor Kinney in the water.
Now, it’s almost impossible to be sure what Lady Gaga was thinking this morning when she wore this outfit.

The songstress was spotted in France today wearing what can only be described as the weirdest, normal thing Lady Gaga owns. We saw an awful lot of skin as Gaga sported some super short shorts and a matching bra top. Could you imagine just going out in public like that? Oh, Gaga.

What’s weird about this though is that it’s not nearly as crazy as the bizarre, totally covered outfit from a few weeks ago, or even as the bank robber look in Bulgaria. Is it possible that its weirdness come from the fact that it’s so normal?

Also, maybe it’s just me, but this woman doesn’t look fat or pregnant in the slightest. She’s tiny! Anyone else super perplexed by the rumors? Oh! Maybe that’s why she wore this little number. So we could see she’s barely gained any weight.

In any case, I’m still confused. Also, anyone else notice all them bruises on her legs? I’m assuming they’re from dancing so hard on stage. They still look painful though. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Gaga’s barely there outfit. Any of you lovely people have insight into Gaga’s weirdest, normal outfit? Sound off in the comments!

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