Lady Gaga Will Premiere “Judas” On Tomorrow’s ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Lady Gaga will perform the world television premiere of “Judas” from her upcoming CD, Born This Way on tomorrow’s Ellen.  We’ve got the scoop on what Gaga and Ellen will chat about-Gaga’s big HBO special in May, what she wears to bed, and how Ellen upstaged she-who-upstages-everyone.

Ellen asked Gaga about the HBO special, airing May 7th, and was curious as to why Gaga called herself a “loser” in it.  Gaga explained,

“Well, in that moment I was very excited and nervous. That is a huge benchmark moment in my life.  I’m 25 years old. I was asked to play Madison Square Garden.  Sold out 5 nights and quite frankly it’s very overwhelming.  Do I feel like a loser sometimes?   Yes, of course I do.  We all feel like losers sometimes.”

Check out what else Gaga and Ellen chatted about after the jump.

Things got heated when Ellen’s entrance trumped Gaga’s.  Nobody trumps a Gaga entrance!  “I’m very upset about your entrance,” Gaga told the talk show host.  “I feel like you’re trying to out do me. I’ve never done the shoe.”  Ellen of course assured her guest that she was merely inspired by the many costumes Gaga dons on a daily basis.  Then the topic turned to denim, with Ellen voicing her doubts that Gaga wears jeans.  “I can wear jeans,” protested Gaga.  “I doubt you can…” Ellen responded.

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Staying on the topic of clothing, Gaga told Ellen that she skips PJs and falls asleep in whatever she’s wearing at the time.  “It’s very funny and my best friends who often will crash at hotels where I’m at. They will come visit me on the road they always call me a Beauty Queen disaster.  I wake up and my wigs falling off my head.  My mole is on the other side of face.  My fake mole, it’s not fake it’s surreal.”

Of course it is.