Lady Gaga Wears Some Crazy Rainbow Makeup, Releases New Single ‘Applause’

Lana Disses Gaga?
Lana Del Rey Disses lady Gaga in an old song.
It’s safe to say that nothing Lady Gaga does really surprises anyone anymore, right?

Well the superstar showed up to E! News yesterday wearing some very interesting makeup! She sported some messy rainbow makeup, looking like she fell asleep on a paint palette!

The Grammy-winner’s makeup looked very much like the cover of her new album, ARTPOP. She definitely tried (but failed) to mimic the artistic cover. She arrived at the E! News building in a pleated skirt, blazer, and hair down, but left  in a long black dress and hair in a bun.

Gaga also released her newest single “Applause”. The song was supposed to drop on August 19th, but the song was leaked out earlier, forcing the singer to rush-release it yesterday.

So what do you think of her new song? And more importantly are you liking her watercolor makeup? Share your thoughts in comments!