Lady Gaga Wears Off Mask From Fan, Accused Of Trying To Scam Billboard Charts

Lady Gaga wore an all white ensemble as she was seen leaving a rehearsal studio in New York City last night (August 21, 2013). At one point, a fan thrust a clear mask at her, and being Ga, she put in on for a brief moment.

Unfortunately, all is not well in the land of Gaga. She has been criticized by Billboard boss Bill Werde for promoting the inflation of views for her new music video.

The US Hot 100 recently adjusted their chart-placing formula to include online streams, which include the number of clicks an online lyrics video, audio stream or music video gets on YouTube and VEVO. Gaga urged her fans to watch the clip for her new single “Applause” and then retweet it to urge other fans to dramatically inflate the number of streams. She also tweeted a link to watch the video on loop for nine hours. 


Billboard’s Werde took issue with the seemingly cheap tactic to get video views, taking to Twitter to speak out against the practice. “I just hate to see anyone try to game the charts, be it fans or artists,” he wrote. “It’s not in the spirit of what we do, celebrating success.”

Of course Gaga’s fans were all in a tizzy over this and proceeded to angry tweet Werde all sorts of wonderfully offensive things. Maybe Lady Gaga’s own fans need to listen to her own anti-bullying message a little bit more closely.

Check out all the pics of a masked and unmasked Lady Gaga by launching the gallery!

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