Lady Gaga Wears Another Weird Outfit…What A Surprise

Lady Gaga's Penis Crystal
That's what it is, right?
So, we all know that Lady Gaga is weird as f%#* or just not the kind of popstar we’re used to.

But this outfit she’s seen wearing coming out of her London hotel is actually normal compared to the other stuff she’s scared us with over the past years, aside from the seashell umbrella.

However, this outfit is still odd. She looks like a geisha Little Bo-peep minus the face make-up. Her shoes kind of looks like they’re made out of legos (way to go a kindergarten class in London).

Did I already mention the seashell umbrella?!

Of course a regular umbrella wouldn’t do for the queen of weird, but a seashell?! I am dying for the day that Gaga steps out in a pair of sweats and sneaks, even flip flops would do!

Comment your reactions. Launch the gallery to see more of Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits.