Lady Gaga Wants Us To See Her Lovely Lady Lumps, Wears Very Sheer Outfit In Hollywood

Surprise, surprise, Lady Gaga isn’t wearing pants while out on the town!


The Applause singer hit up Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, CA on August 11, 2013 with her gorg boyfriend, Taylor Kinneywearing a thong, bra, polka dot sheer bodysuit, and sunglasses (yeah, at night…it’s still a thing).

Gaga flaunted her body and curled locks as she flirted with the cameras.

I wonder if her and Adam Lambert chatted up once they were all inside?

Guess who else was there?! Fozzi! But he stayed in the car. He probably wasn’t very fond of his mommy’s outfit.

It’s okay, Fozzi, we’re kind of tired of seeing a whole lot of  naked Gaga lately.

But, must admit, that’s a pretty fly booty.

And guess what?! It’s a two for one special today, guys!

You can see Gaga’s ass and hear her new leaked single.

You’re welcome.